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Cancer in Love

By: Libby Pelham BA - Updated: 19 Feb 2021 | comments*Discuss
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Whether you are a Cancer (June 22nd-July 23rd) looking for love or a person in love with a Cancer, knowing what Cancers want and need from a relationship is very important. Certain signs are more compatible with other signs, but even the less compatible signs can work on their relationship if they know what the problem areas may be.

Cancer Women

A Cancer woman is a composite of many things. She can be flirtatious, passionate, and feminine. At the same time, she can be shy, sweet, and nurturing. If you are a man in love with a Cancerian woman, you should know that trust is very important to her. The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) all value trust and therefore may be reluctant to give their hearts away easily. She will subtly let you know she is interested, so look for small clues or you may miss your opportunity to make a move. Once you win her love, you will find she is a true romantic and will show you total devotion. She loves to reminisce by pouring over old love letters, so make sure you send her plenty to keep her happy.

Cancer women are emotional and extremely vulnerable to both praise and criticism, so try to avoid criticising her. Praise will work wonders, but only if it is warranted. Cancerian women can tell whether a compliment is sincere or not. Try to show the Cancer woman your sensitive side as they themselves are very sensitive. Discuss problems that are troubling you and your Cancerian woman will open up to not only show you empathy but also offer genuinely constructive advice.

Cancer Men

Just like the Cancer woman, the Cancerian man also likes to take the sly route to romance. But, he is also inclined to fall in love quickly, as he too is a romantic. Whereas Cancerian women like to reminisce over love letters, the Cancer man would rather let his imagination run wild with scenes from the past or daydream about the future. Because Cancers are so sensitive, they are usually great communicators and love to talk about their feelings. He expects his woman to be faithful and may show signs of jealousy. One good woman is enough for him and when he finds her, he will focus all his affections on her. He is attentive and will probably be very generous with gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and wine.

Cancer men are happiest when they find women who want to share their dreams with them. While your Cancer man may be cautious about a commitment, also know that the longer he waits to make a commitment, the less likely he is to follow through with it. He may focus on a hurtful incident that happened some time back (as Cancers have great memories) and the emotions from that memory and lack of trust caused by it may prevent him from carrying the relationship further.

The Perfect Date

What is a good date for a Cancer? Tickets to the theatre, an art gallery, or some other type of cultural event are a great start. Cancers also love music, so a concert or opera is also an excellent choice. But don't rule out a romantic, candlelit dinner for two. Cancers also tend to be homebodies, so to suggest renting a video and getting takeout is also acceptable.

Compatible Signs

Which signs are compatible with Cancers? Taurus is an excellent match with a Cancer as they are opposite ends of the spectrum. Taurus tends to be possessive, but Cancers enjoy the attention. While a Taurus likes to be catered to, a Cancer are more than happy to do the catering when in love.

For similar reasons, Cancers and Virgos are good matches. Cancers tend to be dependent and Virgos like to be protective. While Cancers can be emotional, Virgos can calm that with their emotional steadiness. Cancers and Scorpios may find they share an intense and passionate intimacy. The two signs can sense what pleases each other, so the relationship will have depth to it as well.

Pisces and Cancers will also make an affectionate couple. Both signs are emotional, devoted and sensitive to each other's needs.

Incompatible Signs

A Cancer should avoid relationships with Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and other Cancers. Regardless of what sign you are, you may be able to have a committed, loving relationship with a Cancer if you keep a few things in mind:
  • Cancers are one of the most sensitive signs
  • They are very loyal and seek the same from mates
  • They are very sentimental
  • They have great memories
  • They are very nurturing

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I have been dating a cancer woman for 20 months, she is amazing, however she has been engaged twice previously and treated badly both times, once cheated on by one of the guys. They were both quite toxic relationships, my problem is that this girl keeps pushing me away, I know she is afraid, to be fair so am I but I have taken the leap and she knows I love her, I do so much for her, I support her, cook for her, look after her and so on and I do it willingly. She never has told me she loves me, she says I’m amazing and in fairness things have gotten better and better, only a couple of weeks ago she met my parents but the second I ask her if she loves me she freaks out, we just split up again, obviously I’m hurting because truthfully I could see myself spending my life with her and I really want that because we have such a great time, maybe I shouldn’t ask her if she loves me, sometimes it’s hard not to because shes so thoughtful and caring of me, I guess I get frustrated, especially as I feel I’m the one who’s always done the fighting for us ?
Nick a - 19-Feb-21 @ 7:57 AM
I as a Cancer female who dated a Cancer male can confirm that, they love to play hard to get as much as the female sign. My ex-boyfriend was exactly like this, he had more mood swings than I did. And people complain about me being moody! We didn't last more than a half year. Mainly because he refused to communicate with me on a personal level. His Cancer mercury and Taurus Venus did match with both my dual sign Gemini. I love to go out with my love interest, love to talk (even if it's nonsense) I do not gossip, he was so pessimistic about his ex girlfriend, who married two years ago and is pregnant now with her first child. He was awful. Buying me gifst but not affectionate at all, only kissing me in public to keep others away. They are the jealous types. Especially if they're a Scorpio moon, don't say I didn't warn you. I'm a Taurus moon, I don't like clingy people. I do love the fantasy and idea of love, never had that and I'm craving for it. But I know my worth so I rather stay single until I know what's coming my way is worth the energy and time. And oh yeah, they like to play mind games, which are not for me! Def not for me at all! I'm a mercury/venus, element air dominant. I feel more at ease with an Aquarius, we get along great.
cancerianwoman - 30-Aug-20 @ 8:23 AM
I’m a Pisces woman in love with a cancer woman. At this point I’m totally confused. We’ve known each other for years now. Over 12 years to be exact. We recently started to date and it seemed to get pretty serious. She expressed her emotions freely and even talked about marriage. All of a sudden she just started to completely gravitate away from me. She even told me that she’s decided she never wants to love anyone. How can she draw me in just to throw me away???
Kia - 4-Jul-20 @ 5:28 PM
I am a Sagittarius woman & married a Cancer male~we broke up, got back together& now married. He holds on to the past & every now & again he goes into these moods that are unexplainable. He does not communicate well @ all~he’s very argumentative but @ the same time sensitive I don’t understand it. I don’t know what kind of attention he wants but when you don’t know how to communicate what does he expect from me? He hurt me in the past cheated & I moved passed all that for him to hold my passed against me~I need answers please
CC - 3-Mar-20 @ 1:24 PM
I'm a Sagittarius girl. A cancer man pursued me for about a year. For some reason I always felt it would never work out and said no. But he never stopped. Then we got to talking. Like late night 2AM everyday talking and laughing and spending most of our free time together. It's been a year now and we're exclusive. He even told me he loved me. I do to. Very very deeply. But I don't feel energy or passion in my relationship. I really love him and I don't want to hurt him. That's almost the only reason I'm still committed to him. When we had just begun dating. He had even scared me with an entire "life plan" he had for us. He mentioned about marriage and honeymoon and kids. But even now I don't see that in my future. I really do love him. But I don't think I love him the way he deserves to be loved. It breaks my heart to think of breaking up with him and ending things with him. But there's nothing else that is keeping me in this relationship. Please help. Idk what to do. I just hope for a response or a little more light on my relationship. I just wanna have more information or something. I'm totally helpless. Please pleasee respond.
Lexi - 14-Feb-20 @ 10:33 PM
The Best article ever I feel very highly influenced
Wolfie - 29-Jan-20 @ 6:59 PM
I'm a cancer woman, for 2 years now I have had a crush on my gemini best friend.. I refuse to be the one that confesses her love but he's not showing any signs.. he's just too strong for me.. how can I make him like me?
Ran - 2-Nov-19 @ 1:00 AM
I’m talking to cancer man. I think he’s the most boring person that I’ve ever had kinda interest in. Not sure why I’m waisting my time on this guy. He’s so sensitive and quite. I must say I can’t take it. It’s tine to walk away.
Leo girl - 30-Oct-19 @ 1:48 AM
I am a Gemini woman dating a cancer man and never have i ever regretted it for a second.We met online 93 days ago and started dating few weeks after. All through our relationship i wouldn't have asked for a better star sign...cancers are very loving..sweet (they could literally give you tiny cute gifts when you least expect it),they are expressive (you never have to guess what they are thinking because they will always tell you),they are protective and sometimes very clingy...lol you never have to worry whether they are thinking about other people because they always want to be with you...when you get a cancer...you can be rest assured he is for keeps because he will think of keeping you to himself for life always.The traits to watch out for is that they are sensitive and can really be hurt deeply over things you might take lightly(good thing is that they will always tell or show you when they are) ,they also might be very devastated over bad news and might need help handling it and they rarely ask for help....the good thing is with a canceryou never have to try so hard because they will meet your efforts half way and they are very appreciative people....you know you did right when you score a cancer man...i know i did??
Zamy - 20-Oct-19 @ 7:12 PM
I am a Sagittarius. On year 2016 a Cancer male was interested in me. Well I never had that in mind as a person who is truly kind. Me and him dated on that particular year. Broke up and got back together several times. I was a bit shocked by his mood swings but I tried to understand and not judge. He claims that he is not good enough for me because he regrets what,he did. I told him to get out of my life and never speak or be in contact of the things I do. Everything he does I have to know and get jealous , because his best friend has that tendency to confront me and tell me how the guy has been talking about me. We are not together now, and I'm not concerned with what he does . When he sees me he seems to act shocked and whenever he sees me he tries to hide so I do not see him. But I give no senses with his reactions. I just do not understand that is he has moved on why do I have to be the centre of his attention. Please explain?
kitty - 18-Sep-19 @ 4:31 PM
im a taurus woman, and im having a relationship now wid a cancer man .. well its hard to predict whats on his mind .. but im.enjoying his company he is a very sweet guy .. he always spend his time wid me .. but this past days we had an argument but fixed. but since then I felt like he change alot .. he is not txting me as often as he used to.txt me.bfore .he was on call always and sometimes wont txt me anymore .. unlike bfore and its kinda frustrating but i dont want to put a pressure on him .. we just met online ..but all in all we enjoy each other ..
kris - 11-Sep-19 @ 9:45 AM
I am libra, have been talking online with a cancer man for months. Plans never worked out, we still haven't met, but still regularly try to. He often will just disappear from our text thread and not return for days or weeks. Because its online and casual I guess that is fine, but I cannot understand the reasoning. He said he sometimes gets frustrated, moody, depressed or anxious. His words, so I guess that is why communication trails off. Because when he comes back, he is always happy to talk to me and still always wants to meet and make plans. If this is just their way of dealing with life, it is very unsettling to the other person, and it's not because I don't have a life, I do, very busy. But keeping contact is important even for casual relationships.
Li - 20-Aug-19 @ 8:00 PM
Iam a cancerian girl iam in love with a boy and he is scorpion .2 days before I saw in youtube than cancerian are nat fit have a relationship with men is that true
Anu - 27-May-19 @ 1:13 PM
I'm a Cancer woman who falls very hard and fast.But my last relationship has left me doubting if my intuition is off because I thought we were on the same page.I have no confidence or trust! Just met a Cancer man who I like but am scared to date him!
Tee - 25-May-19 @ 2:51 PM
Honestly, I'm a Cancer, afraid of falling in love with wrong person. It's not because someone who was the beloved one didnt give me the emotional caring, but I'm afraid being lied by the person that I believe they love me and I love them. I'm afraid of someone who can easily say "I love you. And I will always love you", 'cause someone once said they love someone else and choose someone. I keep it silence of my problem since someone ever more likely said "you're such a drama who seeks an attention" or "are an attention-seeker?". Because of this I have an anxiety when people say they like me, compliment me, or even adore me. And I'm so anxious to show my sensitive side, cover all feelings with cold and logical appearance. And sometimes people who acts too emotional looks so fool to me, and sometime I hate myself with this sensitive side. I try forgiving someone that broke me a lot, but I couldn't forget that moment. Also, I have a disbelief of happy ending of marriage, 'cause of family issue before I was born. My parents seem they regret about their marriage and family, and keep blaming each other. Even there were issues one of my parents cheated. So because of this I don't believe I'll get a lovely family in the future. So, don't rush me, or any cancers. They need a time to open and cure their broken heart. If you don't have any patient to us, leave without giving a sweet promise. 'Cause we really mean it when in love.
N - 21-Mar-19 @ 9:27 AM
Hi girls im a cancerian man. Just wanna brush up on a few things with you. Think someone said above in the comments that cancerians are cheats. Well to clear things up yes we can be thats only because we find it hard to commit to others and loved ones. We always think we can better somewhere else an that's not in looks as such. Our emotions get in the way as well and can be very possessive at times as we can't handle distrust in people. Also can very cold heartless passive aggressive an definitely manipulative. We also lie a lot to protect others as cancerians divert from stress an dramas. But also to sum things up this zodiac sign can be very loving and with the right girl in our life we would do anything for them even die for them if we had to. Cancerians are strong on the outside but soft on the inside..
Dan - 14-Oct-17 @ 3:49 PM
I am Cancer female and I dated a Libra male a few months ago. Worst mistake of my life. He never gave me the emotional support I needed. And since he was so secretive he wound up cheating on me for a while. Also the same for an Aquarian female I dated on and off fro bout 2 and 1/2 years. I have an eye for a Gemini male. Scorpio woman. AndPisces male.But chabces are I shouldn't go out with the Gemini male
Casper - 2-Sep-17 @ 2:06 PM
I am a Aquarius woman who dated a Cancer Man. He was moody flighty quick to lie and go into his shell.Could not communicate his feelings and was also manipulative. But when he was outside his shell he COULD be generous fun and loving. The mood swings and cheating ended it for me. I am friendly outgoing and if cheated on. ....I literally die emotionally staying in a fake relationship
Terri - 31-Aug-17 @ 12:17 AM
Wow Rose, I'd love to know whether you eventually get together and how it goes? There's a Cancer I've got my eye on and I'm really not sure whether to take it further or not.
DressedCrab - 7-Aug-17 @ 10:26 AM
I am a Cancer female. Recently took a liking to a male Cancer. We are almost a split image. Almost all our likes an dislikes are similar. Hes easy to talk to. Weve never dated a Cancer an decided we both wanted to try ..in the future maybe..right now getting to know ourselves an eachother has been a fun experience. Never thought Id meet someone so similar an compatible.
Rose - 6-Aug-17 @ 3:50 AM
I'm a cancer woman and most of what I read is true but I have both the male and the femaletraits everystrongly. And I don't side step I take things straight on,everythingelse is me I've been married for 36 yrs to aLibra and we have had a lot of fights but I love him. And yes our memories are good and we get over things and people who hurt us but, we never forget and if you lose our trust or break our hearts it's something we never get over.and we never forget.
Colly - 23-May-17 @ 10:51 PM
I am a Gemini woman and I'm in love with a cancerian man. the relationship seems to be working fine. we are so much into each other. I believe no matter ur sign, ur relationship cab still work out.
portable - 16-May-17 @ 3:20 PM
My man is a cancer,I'm Scorpio when we first met I was going through some things like divorce and drinking a lot.After two years in the relationship he can't get over something that was in the past so he left me.How can I get him back?
Cookie - 1-May-17 @ 3:00 PM
I'm in love with a Cancer (male). It seems as if he is afraid love me. I just don't understand.
Princess - 2-Apr-17 @ 12:11 PM
I am a Virgo women.I Had to step out of a relationship with a cancer man One minute he loved me then he would put me down .I found once a cancer man gets with you he tends to be silent to himself.I loved me more so I let him go.I barely talk to him.What is crazy Joe Tells his family and friends I am with him and we haven't had any kissing or anything for over five months.I feel best when I am away from him Because I find the joys in life without him and I no longer get put down I dream of finding love one day I am honest and loyal it was too bad my x cancer couldn't be honest or loyal.Now I know why any relationship he got into she ran
JJ - 16-Mar-17 @ 9:19 AM
Im a Scorpio man and I'm absolutley enfatuated by a cancer woman. She is a mystery on itself and I want to find out more.
Joesomebody - 13-Mar-17 @ 4:09 AM
I am a cancer women and my husband is aries.I love him very much.It really works
MINI - 19-Feb-17 @ 1:35 PM
I am aries going to be 68 on march 26.i met a 29 year old cancer guy who is in love with me..i think i'm falling for him too..any thoughts?
GG - 18-Jan-17 @ 5:07 PM
I love being a Cancer,Not in a relationship at this time. But hope to be in the future. I know i can be very moody but I am also a very kind caring loving person.Not perfect but good as a caregiver it's my gift.
D - 24-Dec-16 @ 3:24 AM
I am a woman Cancer. It's been many years since I've been in love and it's because the man I gave my all to broke my heart. Now, I am afraid to commit myself to anyone for fear that it will happen again. I don't want to continue to be single nor do I want to be hurt again. When I love, I love very, very hard and very, very deep. I am overflowing with love and I need to be able to share it with a man who is not afraid to be loved. I am at a loss. What shall I do?
love - 18-Dec-16 @ 8:28 PM
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