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Scorpio in Love

By: Libby Pelham BA - Updated: 21 Sep 2019 | comments*Discuss
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Scorpio (Oct 24th-Nov 22nd) is one of the most sexual signs of the zodiac. They have a mysteriousness about them that just seems to attract lovers. But they are very sensitive and hate feeling vulnerable. They are highly sensitive, so if you try to take advantage of them, they will catch on quickly.

Scorpios are very magnetic and fascinating people who have no problem attracting others to them. But they dislike it when someone tries to dominate them. They must be the leader in every relationship or they will leave.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are emotional and loving, but above all else, they can be demanding. The man who wins the love of a Scorpio woman will have to be able to hold his own ground against her. She has no qualms with telling him exactly what he can and cannot do if he wants to keep her. What would make a man love a Scorpio woman? He loves her because she is amazing, mesmerizing, and irresistible. She can do it all – from entertaining in the living room and being exciting in the bedroom.

A Scorpio woman thinks very highly of love and she has no problem attracting suitors. When she finds someone she thinks is worthy of her love, she will turn on the charm. But she is not looking for anything casual, so if you are, look elsewhere. She desires a close, committed relationship and won't stop looking for one until she finds it. Once she does, she is a very faithful and passionate lover.

Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man seems to magically draw women towards him. He is easy going and likeable, however, he has a dark, mysterious side that often gives him a bad name. If you are just looking to be seduced by him, you should have no problem. He knows exactly how to work his charming ways to get to a woman. As a lover, he seems to understand your every need. Yet, if you are looking for a relationship, you may need to do some work. Scorpio men want relationships, but the emotional intimacy makes them feel vulnerable and they hate that feeling.

Do not try to dominate a Scorpio man – he will run in the other direction! If the relationship starts to tax him emotionally or financially, he will just walk away from it. The turmoil just is not worth it to him.

The Perfect Date

A Scorpio loves any activities that involve the outdoors, but they especially love water sports. If you live near a lake, suggest water skiing, fishing, or sailing. They also love to attend parties or charity events where they might have the opportunity to meet someone famous.

Compatible Signs

Scorpios will find they are compatible with Cancerians, as the Scorpio can offer the strength the Cancer is looking for and the Cancer is affectionate and devoted – important attributes to a Scorpio. A Scorpio and Pisces will find their love lasting because they bring out the best in each other. A Capricorn will appreciate a Scorpio's jealousy as it makes them feel secure, so these two should be compatible as well.

Incompatible Signs

A Scorpio should avoid relationships with Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, and Taurus.

If you have met someone you think is absolutely irresistible, they may well be a Scorpio. These fascinating people are mysterious and passionate on the surface, but underneath, they are sensitive and vulnerable, so do not forget that. Check out more personality traits of a Scorpio.

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I have been seeing a capricorn female for a yr I am a scorpio female as well we are the best of everything together and apart but she is so scary tocompletely give herself cause she is damaged by the past I want to always be friends
KB - 21-Sep-19 @ 5:41 AM
I just started dating a Scorpio and so far things are wonderful and I’m a Virgo but I have to say that these are all just generalizations because we need to get a chart done on ourselves and see what all of our signs are are moon sign are rising sign andnot just our sun sig.There are many loving couples that I’ve been married for many years with opposing signs just remember everybody’s different. So far what I’ve read is very interesting ...
Red - 21-Jun-19 @ 5:21 AM
I am a Scorpio woman and I am married to an Aries man.We get along great.I've been with him for 8 years.I was previously married to a Taurus man and let me tell you we fought constantly.He was controlling and emotionally abusive.
Jamngirl945 - 22-May-19 @ 9:00 AM
Please ignore previous comment from me. There is a typo which i just edited. ????. I am in a relationship with an aquarian guy and i am a scorpio woman. Air signs are good for water signs. If not earth signs. The air signs are calm and non argumentative. They show water signs where they lack. They help you in transforming into a more balanced human being and gets you to blunt your sharp edges. They make you think and transform you into a more balanced person. This does not happen with fire signs as water and fire clash and water kills the fire sign because the fire sign simply does not have the patience or knack to disarm a scorpio. Water signs if you are not interested in balance are best with water signs. But scorpio always wants to improve for the better.
Maze - 20-Apr-19 @ 7:24 AM
I am in a relationship with an aquarian guy and i am a scorpio woman. Air signs are good for water signs. If not earth signs. The air signs are calm and non argumentative. They show water signs where they lack. They help you in transforming into a more balanced human being and gets you to blunt your sharp edges. They make you think and transform you into a more balanced person. This does not happen with fire signs as water and fire clash and water kills the air sign because the air sign simply does not have the patience or knack to disarm a scorpio. Water signs if you are not interested in balance are best with water signs. But scorpio always wants to improve for the better.
Maze - 20-Apr-19 @ 7:20 AM
I a scorpio married to a Taurus 11 years now. I've also met/know plenty of scorpio Taurus couples that have been together for years. Also I don't click with Capricorns at all no disrespect but they're annoying lazy and talk entirely too much. Astrology is true to an extent. The traits are on point but the love matches, not so much. Scorpio/Taurus or Scorpio/Pisces are the best. My opinion.
AmbitiousScorpio27 - 2-Oct-18 @ 4:13 PM
I have been attracted to a sun sign Scorpio male with pisces moon for almost 3 years and we danced together for the first time recently and it felt so...natural ? I am a Taurus with Leo/Cancer moon ( different results with differennt moon calculators) Nothing might ever transpire but I have een deeply attracted to him for a very long time. I truly think it is completely wrong for astrologist to make statements about which signs are or are not compatiable without considering the full picture, namely the part that the panets play and a persons time of birth.A strong magnetic attraction to someone comes from somewhere ( e.g. a previous life, destiny etc). So it should not be assumed thatsome signs are compatible with some whilst others are not. Love speaks from the heart and what the heart loves is not normally guided by how compatible that person an you might be. Attraction is outside of a personscontrol - it is what it is.
Librrated2 - 19-Dec-17 @ 12:14 AM
I am a Pisces male 35 in a platonic relation (so far) with a Scorpio girl 13 years younger. And we instantly got along met on a common chat group 6 years back. I never thought she was so young, then about 2-3 years back got to know her age and I backed off. But she persisted her calls and now we speak about 3-5 hours a day. We r like soul mates and just can't stay away from each other. I mean we might have tried 10 times to part ways because of age but always came back stronger. Most amazing part is we have never met in person the closest we have been is sitting opposite to each other in a cafe, which we do when we really feel the urge to meet. I don't want to meet her as I believe she's too young and will find someone good enough for her but we just getting deeper into the relation. Not sure how to take it forward.
Pisces male - 15-Sep-17 @ 9:15 PM
Oh goshif a scorpio man loves you...trust me god help you. This is coming from a capricorn woman. Im very cautious and reserved I barely open to anyone But one day as i was sitting in my classroom And turned to my right I dont know why but there is a scorpio man in my class who just Boooooooooooooooooom Looked stright in my soul Not my face not my body But inside me like literally I was lyk gosh what is this?????????? Its been almost 4 years and he still is chasing me passionately But being a capricorn im toooooo shy. But if they really love you trust me Even god can't help you get them rid of you. Its crazy trust me..they will have you no matter what.
Sammy - 27-Jul-17 @ 3:00 AM
I am a Scorpio and I am with a man with a cancer sign. I can really say we have the same characteristics, Just like we both cold, but at the same time we are very emotional and loving. Every time we have misunderstanding were just so quite and after we talk about it.Its good but sometimes Im so jealous woman I don't know why I'm just hiding my true emotion but I'm a jealous and its very difficult for me to forget our misunderstanding and what he did to me. But I love him. I really really love him
Olga - 25-Jul-17 @ 1:56 PM
I'm a scorpio and I am with a libra and although we are not meant to be compatible I think that's rubbish. Because I adore her and all her traits I love how kind and compassionate she is.Although as a scorpio we're meant to be argumentive and libras are not I will always listen to her rather then arguing and solve problems together. We may be an exception to the astrology but bottom line I think although I agree to some of the traits we all share it depends on your up bringing and your understanding of things that solve the issues to make a good couple.
A.S.D - 23-Jul-17 @ 7:07 AM
Honestly I'm a Scorpio and a hate Capricorns and some cancers ,but I really like Taurus'. Not to sure why though . However I do recommend dating Virgos and Taurus' is you are a Scorpio of any gender .
KitKat - 31-May-17 @ 1:33 AM
I'm a Taurean woman, married to a Scorpion male for four years, happily. Lol. I love being the exception to the astrology rule!
MazzamZuki - 15-Apr-17 @ 11:52 AM
To the lady who is a cancer that Scorpio is not going to give up I broke up with my friend and man this guy made my life hell, he just keep on and keep on until I finally gave in and started back talking to him 2 years later after we broke up, I am a picese and I really have that attitude I don't give a damn and the more I act like I don't care the more he became more attractive to me they don't like feeling like they are being in a committed relationship and I told him if you don't want me more on because I can always find someone who do
Chandris7 - 15-Apr-17 @ 3:39 AM
Scorpio here. What can be said of the compatibility of a Libra? Just curious...
Starshine - 22-Mar-17 @ 11:03 PM
I am a Scorpio female. My first cancer broke my heart, so I stayed away from cancer for years.Fire signs are attracted to me,and I never had much luck with them. Now, many years later,I am with a cancer now and loving it. To the woman above 62 and her sweetheart who is 29, you go girl! Life is to be lived!
Sek - 11-Feb-17 @ 9:16 PM
Although I attract every sign.My combo being a Scorpian Fire Dragon woman tend to attract mostly Capricorns, especially the early Capricorns, and Leos love love me but I've only been in a relationship with one Leo.Not a good idea but dynamically sexually compatible.I've dated one libra, one Scorpio, and the rest of the 90% are all early January Capricorns.Hmm...??
n)'(nas - 29-Apr-16 @ 9:14 PM
Okay. Im a scorpio , im just a teenage girl. None the less its true when it comes to the people who we aren't compatible with. I really liked a saggitarius and lets say his personality was amazing to me but they are very careless. Im amazed that they arent on our incompatible list.
scorpiogang - 29-Mar-16 @ 9:13 PM
All this is still generic, apart from demographic factors there are three basic kind of scorpios. Most evolved being the eagles and common ones the nocturnal scorpios while the third variety grey lizards. Its very easy yet equally difficult to sense the different kinds. So that will depend as well.
Oracle - 10-Mar-16 @ 4:49 PM
Haha Gabby, we don't by any chance know the same bloke, do we? Your description is uncanny!
Kat - 31-Jan-16 @ 6:11 AM
I would never date a Scorpion male and I'm a Cancer female. Yes they are very dishy and there is a physical and sexual and intellectual connection but they are bastards too. They expect to keep playing the hot and cold game and thinking the cancer girl will be at their beck and call. Unfortunately for the Scorpion man I am one hell of a nasty Cancerian if I feel someone is trying to shaft me. I read the Scorpion male very easily. They are snide, male chauvinistic and rude. Never say sorry, deliberately love upsetting Cancerian women, and simply not worth the effort or the time. Even after he is being ignored, and I am refusing to speak to him and treating him like he doesn't exist still he doesn't give up. Move on like you told me too when I asked you out and you refused in November. I'm too good for you and stop trying to make out you can do my job you're not even qualified. Hurry up and leave to be a policeman. !
gabby-coco - 10-Jan-16 @ 4:12 PM
I am a scorpio and my husband is a cancer, we've been together 11 years and i have to say when it comes to compatibility, we fit each other perfectly. We get each other, understand each other, and our relationship works for us. These personality traits are so unbelievably accurate or it is extremely coincidental
dannik - 9-Jun-15 @ 5:44 AM
Sagittarius here. I've never known a Scorpio long enough to see their vindictive side. Despite the red flags, I'm a bit curious to find out. There truly is something strange about the strong attraction you feel towards them. Mysterious is right.
HappyHunting - 23-May-15 @ 3:08 PM
Rosedi, I can sympathise with u. I'm a libra man and my partner a scorpio woman. We been living together for 5yrs. I'm divorced and she seperated for 7 yrs. Ask her when she's making a plan to finalise the divorce...... I get dates of intent but no action or she starts an argument or changes the subject completely. January 2015 is halfway and yet no movement. So I'm dumping her after January 2015 for sure. The best revenge is to move on asap... That kills scorpios off for sure. And don't be a prisoner of your emotions for he will defnitely try to get back at you. Your selfrespect and dignity is more worth than a scorpios ego. Not all are like that.
alli - 12-Jan-15 @ 8:39 AM
Senseless!I'm a Gemini female who got this Scorpio crusher,always declaring his love for me.Even though we're teenagers and it's no age yet,but I do respect him as a friend and I bet we can work out as a great team hopefully! =P
Gemini - 3-Jan-15 @ 4:48 AM
I have a huge crush on a scorpio. His birthday is November 15. Me and him always talk and I think we flirt real well.But it is hard to know if he actually likes me. I am a Taurus I was born on April 22 & I came here to know the characteristics of a scorpio. It seems pretty accurate. But I want to know if this guy really likes me. I actually need advice.Should I tell him I like him? Or how would I really get him to tell me if he does?If we were to be in a relationship would it work? I hope someone has some kind of advice. I really like this guy.I just met him and all but it feels like I've known him for a long time. I keep thinking about him also. I need some advice. I want some kind of answer to all of my questions.
Lilo - 15-Dec-14 @ 4:25 AM
Scorpio men and scorpio women are the best mates. No one understands us like we understand eachother. Telepathic relationship and emotional security. True friendship and loyalty.
Lovely scorp - 1-Oct-14 @ 5:19 PM
I am absolutely aghast at my exs behavior.He is a Scorpio, and he dumped me when I was totally sick from a somewhat serious illness.He told me he was going to get a divorce from his long separated wife (living apart for seven years) when we first got together, and I made it crystal clear that I did NOT want to pursue a relationship if this was his intention AND I told him that I did not want to be a catalyst for the divorce. I have come to realize his plan was for me to get so attached to him (he was incredible to me) and then when I asserted that the divorce move forward (talking time frames, not trying to control the process, just ensuring he was actually following through before I got in any deeper).Nope.No time frames.When I finally got angry, he turned the entire issue about how I yelled at him and not giving him enough time.It was absurd, and a deliberate manipulation for time. He was so mean in the end when the relationship ended.He dumped me, and he was cruel. He acted as if I was the one who left him!Made comments about how he has connections to lots of women and didn't mean he should have a relationship when I pointed out our connection which I thought was deep and intense and rare, told me I was the worst mistake of his life (I was GREAT to him and never gave him a hard time about anything other then him upholding his word to me).I choose him, he didn't choose me, yet he played the victim.Told me I ruined his garden of light (you can't make this stuff up) when in truth I called him out on what I now know is his long history of stringing women along and needing to control ALL aspects of the relationship.He told me he tries love on like a suit. I think he got off on hurting me in the end, and enjoyed seeing me cry as I tried to talk to the man I thought he was...the one who spent a year acting as if I was the love of his life. Told me I had a 'narrow attitude' around his wife (he told me the marriage was LOOOOOONG over and divorce a mere financial technicality) and also his ex girlfriend who he had used as a back up hook up. My own fault.I saw how he treated the last one, but I bought his b.s. that he was trying to be there for her because she didn't have a lot of other supports.I stupidly believed I was different, he seemed so passionate and into me.Of course, he was....until he wasn't. He did all this...I was always honest with him and he breaks up with me as if he is the victim.It was gross. I now know he did me a BIG favor, but I am aghast how quickly this loving and intense man who adored me turned into a total snake.I am a Cancer woman, btw. I have had guys be jerks before, but he was the most calculated and deliberately cruel of all of them.I don't see why he felt the need to punish me since HE left me, and I just wanted to move forward with what I thought we were becoming. Put me off Scorpio men, don't need vindictive mean games.
rosedl - 5-Mar-13 @ 4:55 AM
want to know about my life wether i will gain sucess in job or business
sav - 22-Feb-13 @ 9:41 AM
Hi, thanks Zee for your advice! The only thing is I have only one way of contacting my Scorpio man, and I have been asking him nearly every day for nearly 2 weeks, to let me know If he is ok, If I just stop asking him whats wrong then he may think I have had enough and don't care anymore, when that's not true, I do care about him, way too much!!! I don't even know what He looks like and I have never spoken to him on the phone (and vice versa) its an online thing and that is the only way I can contact him. But I am shocked at how I feel about him, he has me hooked, and then just left me with no reason! And as for me I am like a dog with a bone and want to keep on asking him and I try to keep finding out what's wrong! The more he doesn't answer me the more I want to know!!! I have probably put him off with my persistence but it's only because I am so into him and I do really care about him, please have you any further advise for me??????Thanks
Sweetie - 4-Sep-12 @ 3:26 PM
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