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Personality Traits of a Virgo

By: Libby Pelham BA - Updated: 12 Nov 2019 | comments*Discuss
Virgo Virgos Intense Worriers Practical

Virgo (Aug 24th-Sept 23rd) is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is symbolised by the virgin. The symbol of the virgin may be used for Virgos in part because it shows their cool and disciplined ways. Virgos are rational, practical, intelligent people who are able to think clearly thanks to the ruler of their Earth sign, Mercury.

If you ever decide to question a Virgo, make sure you know your stuff because it will be hard to convince them they are wrong. A Virgo's thought is so precise that they are not very tolerant of other people's procrastination or lack of common sense. They simply cannot understand why other people cannot function at the same level as they do. Virgos also pride themselves on their excellent memories.

Because Virgos have such clear thought, they may be critical of others. They are perfectionists who despise carelessness and incoherence in others. However, as critical as they are of others, they usually turn that criticism inwards on themselves. They dislike being criticised by others because they already know their own faults.

Most Virgos have an intensity that makes them both industrious and efficient. Sticklers for detail, they are very organised. They are also hard workers as they are driven to do, not daydream. They are weary of making decisions until they know all the facts. Virgos are shy by nature and function better in one-on-one situations rather than in large social gatherings.

Calm Intensity

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Both signs have a lot of restless nervousness, but while it manifests into nervous energy for Geminis, you will rarely be able to see it in Virgos. To the world, Virgos appear calm and collected, but underneath that, they have a great intensity that demands they bring order to their worlds. Beneath the calm exterior is a frantic interior that needs to rearrange until everything is perfect.


This leads to one of Virgos most important personality traits - that is that of perfection. Whether it is balancing a cheque book to the penny or measuring something five times until they are sure it is precise, Virgos are perfectionists. This works well with their analytical thinking and practicality.


Virgos have the tendency to be as overly critical of others as they are of themselves. They can be seen as petty and are often sceptical of the ideas of others. They are worriers, which may lead them to be hypochondriacs. Their constant need for perfection can wear on others.

Parts of the Body Ruled by Virgo

The nervous system and intestines - Virgos may find they suffer from stress and nervous tension, which in turn can cause ulcers.

Famous Virgos

  • River Phoenix
  • Sean Connery
  • Richard Gere
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Raquel Welch
  • Jacqueline Bissett
  • Michael Jackson
  • Gloria Estefan
  • Buddy Holly
  • Otis Redding
  • Elvis Costello
  • Mary Godwin Shelley
  • D.H. Lawrence
  • Agatha Christie
  • Stephen King
Sports Figures:
  • Refrigerator Perry
  • Arnold Palmer
  • Jimmy Connors
  • Goran Ivanisevic
  • Prince Albert
  • Mother Teresa
  • Yasser Arafat
  • Queen Wilhelmina
  • Queen Elizabeth I
Virgos are doers who need to make things as perfect as possible. They tend to expect the same high standards from others that they expect from themselves, but are capable of warm loving relationships as they are devoted, kind, and affectionate.

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I AM A PERFECTIONIST AT FORTNITE AND MARIO KART. Also, alot of that was actually pretty true. (The Fortnite and Mario Kart thing was a Dare BTW.) Also, my friend told me to "tepp" you to Subscribe to TheAuraCat and TheAuraBop on YT. So like, bye. - Plastic Straws
? - 12-Nov-19 @ 2:40 AM
Virgo can become neurotic...hysterical for no reason. They always want THEIR WAY..they can become moody for nonsense. They are boring.
Nana - 11-Nov-19 @ 2:40 PM
Thought yall hit the nail on the head until i saw perfectionist. Im far from that??
Brohaha - 10-Apr-19 @ 7:32 AM
I may not always be right, but I am never wrong.
kasp3r - 3-Apr-19 @ 3:12 PM
When I was reading this text all I thought was ME. The only thing that isn’t really me is the part about being a perfectionist. I am definitely not a perfectionist but I do try keep my things tidy. I will most definitely be reading my friends star sign traits to see if it fits them. From Milly
Milly - 21-Mar-19 @ 8:15 PM
A wise human once said, "spoonerism is the true core of the linguistic being". Or was it a deranged human? I can never remember. They're far too similar.
Timble.B - 8-Nov-17 @ 11:51 AM
Pretty accurate I mean we’re all gonna be a little out cause this is never gonna be 100% accurate but 95% for me
Lucy - 26-Oct-17 @ 4:00 PM
I'm a Virgo ?, so i was born August 27thand this is more than true tham anything!I love being a Virgo??
KyKy?? - 26-Aug-17 @ 5:49 PM
I'm a Virgo, and the only things I found that I could relate to was that I can get an uneasy stomach when something happens that's not in my favor and also that I can be organized but my way, it's still messy. Other than that, I'm overly optimistic, friendly, creative and eccentric! I guess I'm just a quirky Virgo that way.
Amy - 23-Aug-17 @ 8:58 PM
I definitely have a point of you wear if someone tries to come up to me and prove that I'm wrong in any way I definitely tend to Stand My Ground and say that they are wrong I'm try and do everything in my power to make sure that they know that they're wrong I can definitely say that I can be on the stubborn side and when it comes to being nice to people I definitely use some of my bottles up energy that I get from bottled up from different people and in my tortured past if some of my friends just happened to so much as trigger something in my tortured past it definitely comes and gets into my mind and I end up just getting a really bad pain in my stomach I do have over acid definitely do from all of my anxiety and nervousness around people when it comes to voice I'm not that nervous I have told a lot of my crushes that I do like them so not on the nervousness on that side but just talking to other people I have had a lot of bad experiences with friends in the past so when I got to a new school and had to talk to other people I definitely got on the shy side and started worrying if I was going to mess up again I definitely am an over-thinker I worry about things that are not even close I worry about things and how they turn out I worry about things then how they're going to how they're going to affect my life I worry about things and how they may turn out and definitely when it comes to making decisions I have to have time to think about it put it all through my brain if I say yes this will happen and if I say no this will happen it's definitely part of my logical brain I am a perfectionist to 100% some days I'm completely losing and throw my clothes all over my room floor but definitely when it comes to the day where I feel like I want to organize something or clean up my room or make sure that I get something done I have to get it done that day in a timely manner when I wake up in the morning I have a tendency to wake up turn on the TV eat my breakfast get in the shower and I definitely have a timer I put on some music I wash my hair and stuff and then I get what I need to get done and then I say okay once I get this stuff done then I can do this stuff and I can have just sort of a relaxing day but at the end of the day I never really have a relaxing day unless I'm around friends and then still there can be drama that happens between me and my friends and that definitely does not help at onto my anxiety and stress
Sweet - 27-Jun-17 @ 3:26 AM
I'm definitely a Virgo without complaint I'm definitely a perfectionist although I can say I can be very lazy at times but when it comes to like cleaning up my room and reorganizing it I'm there to the fullest I've to make sure that everything is stocked and it's perfect order and if books are not the same size and 10 to be Miss shape compared to their others it definitely books me and it definitely when I go out and go to the stores and Shop spending my money is something I tend to not want to do especially when it's other people's money like when I got from my birthdays and stuff when I go to the store and I buy stuff I instantly regret buying those stuff especially when it's like stuff I'll never use because I could have put my money into something that I will use on the shyness tide I'm not so shy I tend to say hi to other people but when it comes to staying with my own social groups I definitely stay with my own social groups I'm definitely I definitely have a wild side and I get upset very easily 24/7 even though when some of my friends text me if they so much as text me and somehow just make me upset I definitely show that out and end up hurting some of my friends in the end I do end up fixing it but I just get upset very easily and it can get pretty bad I definitely have a wild side when I'm out with friends or partying or having anything sort of social connection I definitely get a boost of energy being around people and doing things with people but by the time I get home I am completely tired and just want nothing to do with anybody else for the rest of the night I just want to sleep
Sweet - 27-Jun-17 @ 3:20 AM
I'm a Virgo to the max I often work my self to exhaustion not realizing the many hours that have passed a total perfectionist I am never satisfied I tend to do a project over and over until it is absolutely perfect. I'm very smart according to others my iq is in the 180s but I play stupid to fit in I also worry my self too much leaving my stomachupset all the time and I'm much to critical of others I'm some ways I think we Virgo's are cursed
Dale - 17-May-17 @ 2:01 AM
I have bad handwriting. And I think I'm kinda a perfectionist. I expect a lot from myself like achieving really good grades and being good in sports and everything else. I don't like backing down though. I like getting praised ,very much, but I don't show it. And I get angry easily and don't show itbut I cool down easily too.
Lulu - 15-May-17 @ 3:45 PM
To be frank, up to this point I thought that astrology was b.s.. The detailed and highly accurate personality description of me (virgo) has done a lot to change my mind on the subject. Wow!
Billman66 - 2-May-17 @ 7:30 AM
Im a virgo but not a virgin :) Im a hard worker to the point im doing too much without noticing the working hours i've spent on my job maybe that's the part being a virgo :)
Wanker - 22-Apr-17 @ 2:52 PM
Well I'm a Virgo and I am very observant with everyone. I am shy and I over think things a lot. A worrier to the extreme. As a Virgo I pay attention to a lot of things. I do speak my mind and tell it like it is. I get mad easily I don't know if that's part of being a Virgo but I assume it is.
Shorty - 19-Apr-17 @ 11:42 AM
Being a Virgo is the best thing ever but the sacrifice I render always get back at me with hard pain. My stomach aches now
Rupa - 9-Apr-17 @ 4:37 AM
Yes, you have me pegged just right. I am a pefectionists, critical, love hard, a creature of habit, too generous. We are leaders by nature. Virgo if you are starting a business you must have Virgos, a Taurus and a Leo, why it's a lot of fire power, but we'll balanced and promised success
Charlotte Cartwright - 7-Apr-17 @ 8:46 AM
I'm a virgo too!!!! But as it said i'm well organised but I don't stress to make it perfect tho!!!?
Anis - 2-Apr-17 @ 10:53 AM
Im a classic virgo, which is often hard with 2 little brothers and an older capricorn sister. I have a problem standing up for myself when it comes to adults.(im in middle school) im often seen as stubborn and weird they missed writing fragile ego
Angel - 27-Mar-17 @ 4:10 PM
I'm a Virgo and I find myself to stress and freak out alot. I am definitely not a perfectionist. I only am, when I am actually interested in what I am doing. One thing that i can confess to that makes me a perfectionist in a way, would be that everytime i purchace something, i always caluclate the total including tax. Everything else seems pretty accurate. Over thinking is definitely something I do ALOT of, and shyness is definitely one. And for famous celebrities that are Virgos, how in the world is BEYONCE not on the list????
Donnie - 15-Mar-17 @ 12:14 AM
Many Virgos are "disorganized" and messy..but like the creative beings we are..we find much order within chaos.
MMwisdom - 6-Mar-17 @ 6:22 PM
Hey Virgos, imagine being a triple (yes 3) Virgo. Oh God, need I say more? ??
Bluebutterfly - 23-Feb-17 @ 4:08 PM
I find this is wrong at times since I'm not a perfectionist, I have a messy room and am easy going.
Is that a duck? - 24-Jan-17 @ 9:25 AM
We're supposed to have good grammar too... (Lol)
Neurotic - 18-Jan-17 @ 7:09 AM
I think being a Virgo may be a burden sometimes, I tend to over think things and I have stressed myself to breaking point over things that haven't even happened, "what ifs" in turn I have not only brought myself down but also the spirit of someone very close to me and that has had a major impact on my life, for a sign that's so down to earth it feels very easy to get lost in my thoughts and my emotions
dazza - 12-Jan-17 @ 3:42 PM
i am a true virgo and everything thats said is right we have a good side and a very bad side us virgos do wat we gotta do to get wat we need to get done i am a perfectionists in cleaning social life and relationship life i know how to handle me even tho noone else knows how to and im good wit that
angie - 14-Nov-16 @ 7:41 PM
Wow, so perfect, get it ! Born a Virgo has taken me to where dreams are made ! I'm engaged to a Virgo and we met online ! She's an amazing woman and she says I'm an amaZing man ! She's not educated as I am but she's willing to let me teach her ! Our love is so tight, that I flew 9,400 miles to be with her ! She has children and was amazed how quick they flocked to me ! She and I are unseparable, and waste no time doing the wild thing ! We now have the perfect plan ! Marriage, adopting her children, four of them, and having a child of my own with her ! This is happiness !
Doug - 14-Oct-16 @ 2:33 AM
Virgos are sneaky and want who they want. They will pretend to be a friend and talk about you bad.They will easily sleep with any man they want
Lew - 12-Sep-16 @ 11:38 PM
This is a very precise description of who I am. Loyal romantic perfectionistic self critic creative singer musician seamstress animal loving nature loving nervous wreck gotta always have the pedicure can't leave the house without being totally put together and why can't people be on time virgo!!!!!!
Deedee - 30-Aug-16 @ 6:43 AM
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