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Personality Traits of a Leo

By: Libby Pelham BA - Updated: 25 Apr 2017 | comments*Discuss
Leos Leaders Entertainers Actors Ego

Leo (July 24th-Aug 23rd) is the fifth sign of the zodiac. The sign of Leo is the lion and you will find Leos very dominant and powerful. Like the king of the beasts, they have a majestic way about themselves. They like to be in command of their own kingdom, be it big or small. But Leos are also loving, often being referred to by many astrologers as "eternal children" because Leos love to live in the moment and are quick to give affection.

Born Leaders

Because they like to dominant, you can find Leos at the centre of any party, taking command. Self-confident, Leos are like Aries in that they are born leaders, and they are truly in their element when allowed to take command of a situation. Like the mighty lion, Leos make good leaders because they like to think big and act big – often in terms that would scare others. But the Leos rarely have problems with their daring moves because of their courageous attitudes.

Leos are idealistic in their views as they are highly intelligent and are often philosophical. They often cling to what more liberal thinkers might see as outdated thinking because of their devotion. Leos also have no problem in cutting to the chase of the matter– a great quality for a leader, but rarely found. They strive under dire conditions, determined to make the best of things. Because of all of these traits, their subordinates are usually quite loyal. Their ability to give love is as great as their need to be the centre of attention.

Born Entertainers

Leos also have a flair for the dramatics, so they are also born entertainers. Their natural creativeness and magnetism attract others to them and they truly enjoy being the focal point of any situation.

Another trait Leos have that makes them good entertainers is that they will not settle for second best. That headstrongness that it takes to tenaciously pursue a career in the arts is a trait of which most Leos have. Image is very important to Leos as well, which fits right into the lifestyle of an entertainer. Actors are often accused of having big egos and a Leo's huge ego craves both attention and adoration.


Of course, with all the greatness of each sign, there must also be weaknesses and the Leo is no exception. At times, their dominance and confidence can be seen more as arrogance and conceit. They may use deceit to appear as something they are not if they feel they are not held in high enough regard.

The importance of image can be seen as self-centeredness, their love and demand for power and recognition can often be overbearing, and a Leo's love for excitement and doing things in a really big manner can lead them to loathe the ordinariness of every day life.

Parts of the Body Ruled By Leos

Back, spine, and the heart – Leos often suffer from back pain and spine ailments. These can be caused by exertion or emotional stress.

Famous Leos

  • Lucille Ball
  • Robert De Niro
  • Dustin Hoffman
  • Robert Redford
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Madonna
  • Mick Jagger
  • Whitney Houston
  • Jerry Garcia
  • Dorothy Parker
  • Percy B. Shelley
  • Emily Brontë
  • Benito Mussolini
  • Arnold Schwarzennegger
  • Yassar Arafat
  • Fidel Castro
  • Napoleon
  • Menachem Begin
  • Bill Clinton
  • Deng Xiaoping
  • Jacqueline Kennedy
  • Peter Jennings
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Annie Oakley
  • Davey Crockett

Even though they can sometimes be seen as overbearing and conceited, it is hard not to like a Leo. Their liveliness and exuberance for life can be contagious. And even with all their faults, they make great leaders whom the people love.

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Yes I think Leo's are wonderful, caring,warm hearted and easy to get along with. They are king or queen of the jungle. I am a Libra woman and I dated guys who was Leo's. Leo's are leader of the pack. I love love Leo's and all other zodiac signs. They are also very generous and kind people who just need to be loved.
sexysouthernlady - 25-Apr-17 @ 7:31 PM
You got it right, LEO is a king of the Jungle we rule the world
oronier-imodoye - 21-Apr-17 @ 3:44 PM
Leo's are the best MCF. That's a fact.
Leo - 18-Apr-17 @ 8:11 AM
Hello,I'm a Leo and a true alpha Leo. I think you hit it on the nail. But I also like the part about being "true ". Which leads to myquestion,can a person that's a certain sign nothaveany qualities of that sign?
Unk D - 17-Apr-17 @ 3:13 AM
Sorry but I'm with a Leo and I'm a Gemini female.We are compatible but I'm sorry he is one of the worst men I have ever dated in my life and I am 51.Loud, overbearing and what good is a good heart if all you do is a Fool.Sorry but Leo's are no more better than any other Zodiac sign.All signs have good and all signs have bad.However, Leo's are not the Best.
Mcf - 17-Feb-17 @ 6:42 AM
Leo from day 1. Having my good days, and days when I wished I was still sleeping. None the least I followed you so I'll follow you out. If you find a good leo keep them...cause we just want a place to call home; or at least I do
Rodumis - 11-Feb-17 @ 1:26 PM
I am a Leo through and through. This article is 1000% true - only God can judge me. I feel that in this day an age (age of Aquarius), my confidence is confused with conceit, arrogance,narcissism and vanity. This is why I surround myself with other Leos because they are the only ones who appreciate me. "Can I be your friend?" "What star sign are you?" "Aquarius!" "NO!!!"
Scoggy - 15-Jan-17 @ 11:22 AM
There's recently been a thirteenth astrological sign discovered which changes the whole zodiac chart. Which makes me a Leo as opposed to a Virgo which I always thought I was. I like the Leo idea much much better it's like who I always wanted to be
Donny dildo - 28-Sep-16 @ 11:54 PM
What can I say , LEOS are the best. When we love , that's when they'll know it's for real. I am greatful of what I have become and have accomplished. I am always trying to reach for more. It can never be enough for me. It's true , we do have a big heart that sometimes we get taken advantage. We LOVE to give to our partners, friends , and family. We love to spoil the ones we love. Everything about a LEO is accurate.
Nat - 27-Sep-16 @ 2:40 PM
I never thought astrology was accurate. However, when I began filling up my library with books written by other Leos without knowing they were, framing my oil paintings in gold, owning a gold cat, admiring famous Leos, writing a long book and having taste that is the opposite of my friends....the realization that I am a Leo was obvious. I try hard to blend in, but I'm finding it difficult in the Aquarian age to be like everyone else. I have trouble relating to the collective, we're-all-in-this-together mentality. I feel like I must retain a recognizable individuality at all cost.
Jake - 20-Jun-16 @ 11:16 PM
I am LEO, I am sensitive, I am Me... I have my weaknesses, I have my pain, but I have got a heart like no other...a heart to love, a heart to forgive, a heart to embrace.... I am LEO and can change for no other than GOD
confessor - 27-Jul-15 @ 5:08 AM
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